UX Design

Form Redesign for Usability

I redesigned this account creation form to make it easier for users to fill out. Making the form clearer and more modern-looking also gives users confidence that the form will work correctly.

Old Form

Old Account Form

  1. Fields are arranged horizontally, making them hard for the eye to scan.
  2. Labels and fields are not neatly aligned, giving the form a messy look.
  3. Help icon is hard to read, help text shows up on hover.
  4. It’s not clear what this gray box is for. When you click it, it does nothing.
  5. There isn’t clear evidence that re-typing emails reduces error, while research does show that having too many fields on a form decreases the likelihood a user will complete it.
  6. Spacing makes unrelated items look grouped together.
  7. Not clear from label what happens after you click button.

New Form

This is a wireframe showing how the problems with the original form can be fixed.

New Account Form

Form Redesign for Engagement

I redesigned this form with the goal of encouraging more people to volunteer. By grouping fields, adding labels and increasing contrast, it's clearer what information the organization is asking for and why they need it.

Old Form

Old Candidate Form

New Form

New Candidate Form